Golf Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner. So begins the struggle of what to get Dad to show him you care. A new tie? Boring. A coffee mug? Maybe next time. We get it, you want something a little different this year. We’re here to help and drop a list of some great gift options.

North Coast Golf Co.

Give dad a new glove, with a fresh upgraded look and superior feel. Our gloves look great, feel terrific and are damn comfortable to wear. With a few fresh styles you’re sure to snag a few that Dad will love to rock on the course.

‍Bubba Whips

Sick Whips! Add some color and style to your bag with picking up a pair of Bubba Whip alignment sticks. These things are bada** and make any bag look better. Plus, they’re a great gift to help Dad get rid of that dreaded slice.

Tomo Golf

Golf shoes meet every day shoes. These guys are doing some amazing things and crafting good looking shoes that are beyond functional for the course, the gym, or around the city.

Dormie Workshop

Custom headcovers anyone? These guys create absolutely sick headcovers from scratch. Give them a look to give your dad’s headcovers a major upgrade.

Greyson Clothiers

Add some style to your dad’s wardrobes with some slick new apparel from Greyson. They create great clothing options for golfers to take their style to the next level.

Caddie Mag is a relatively new golf magazine covering fantastic golf stories from around the globe. Get your dad at least a couple editions.


Who We Are

Growing up we loved spending our Summers going 'Up North" on unforgettable golf adventures ... Something about Northern Michigan's pure & serene beauty and seemingly endless array of great tracks to play, stole our hearts from a young age. So, we sought to embody our Up North roots and pay ode to the beautiful North Coast that we've been lucky enough to call home most Summers.

North Coast was born from a vision over two years ago. It was during an Up North golf trip to Northern Michigan. We all had different gloves on and not one of them stood out to us. They were bland, boring, half-ripped and frankly, didn't fit our style.  Not only that, but we all seemed to agree that we didn't love the way our gloves felt on our hand. We wanted to look and feel good on the course from head to toe and we knew we weren't the only ones. So, we set out to create our own gloves from the ground up with a simple mission: create high-quality and stylish golf gloves that are beyond comfortable to wear and feel silky smooth on any hand. Two years later, we've finally arrived and we're stoked to release our gloves to all of you. Now grab your sticks & Go Play Golf.

- North Coast Golf Co.

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