How can Golf Courses become more Eco Friendly

It’s been a talking point for some time now—even in the midst of the current tough times we’re in; how can golf courses reduce their footprint and ‘go green’? Golf often gets some unwarranted heat when it comes to the environment. Courses are often over shamed for their heavy water consumption and fertilizer use. But it’s been changing in recent years. In fact, many golf courses are ‘turning the tide’ and are the only habitable environment for many species for miles around the course, depending on where the course is located. Here’s a few ways golf courses can continue to be more environmentally friendly and go green.

1. Reduce Water Consumption

1. Reduce Water Consumption

Native Grass lines the fairways at Arcadia Bluffs

Okay, this is a little bit of low-hanging fruit, but it’s true. The rough 30 yards off the fairway shouldn’t be as watered and cared for as much as the fairway. Heck grow this out naturally with native grass or other natural states (i.e. Sand Valley, among others). It will look great and play tough. At the same time, dry the fairways out a bit and let them RUN. This makes the course fast and firm and ultimately harder to keep a drive in the fairway. Plus, who doesn’t like roasting one an extra 30 yards when they do hit the fairway?

Putting Solar Panels on top of carts is an absolute win-win.

Solar Power everything. But seriously, though. Put them on the Clubhouse, on the golf carts, and on top of the cart barn. This will not only save energy, but it can save MONEY and there are affordable install options on the market. Or you can carry your clubs and get some steps in. Maybe you can even put a little solar panel on your hat (there's an idea).

5. Limit Hard Pulling on the cuff and Fingers

Pulling on the cuff and fingers will stretch out your glove over time. The more stretched out the glove, the less it will fit like a second skin to your hand, which in turn makes the glove easier to rip.

3. Encourage Animal Habitats & Species

This stream winds it's way through Marysville Golf Course.

We’re not saying let a pack of wolves roam the course (shout out Greyson Clothiers), or let a goose lay a steamy one down mid-fairway but encouraging biodiversity can go a long way for a golf course’s health. Letting streams or small forests run naturally throughout or around the course, building nesting boxes for birds and selecting natural vegetation can drastically improve the biodiversity of a golf course.

4. Go Plastic-Free or Close to It

You can fill these up with water... Once in a while.

Think of all the thrown away plastic bottles (and we’re not talking beer bottles) at the end of the round. It’s a ton and there are ways to simple ways to limit this. If you can’t go fully plastic-free, at least have a few recycling bins to toss bottles in. Offering recyclable or paper cups at water stations and at the turn are also great options.

1. Reduce Water Consumption

Limiting the use of pesticides in the rough can help tremendously

It’s 2020, there are a few different ways to do this. The costliest way would be to change the turf entirely to an eco-friendlier grass. This isn't feasible or realistic for most courses. Having said this, these grass species use a fraction of the fertilizers and pesticides of traditional turf. So, in the long run it makes sense for some courses. Beyond that, use more organic methods to naturally treat the grass—it doesn't have to be for everything, but for as much as you can. Finally, less is more and being as mindful as possible can go a long way.

What can your course do to limit their footprint?

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