Bogey the Bear Collection I

For every Bogey product we sell, we help plant a tree in an area of need.

Every Sale Plants a Tree

For each Bogey item we sell, we help plant a tree.

Limited-Edition Gear

Get your paws (get it?) on them while you can.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping? Absolutely. We've got you covered.

Bogey Buckets

It's the Summer of the Bogey Buckets.

Sherpa Headcovers

Sherpa fleece headcovers. Add a little pop to your game.


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Our Goal

Help plant 10,000 trees by 2023.


How Do These Products Plant A Tree?

Every Bogey the Bear hat we sell, we plant a tree in an area of need through One Tree Planted. You can learn a little more about how this works at

How Many Trees Do You Want To Plant?

Our goal is 10,000 trees by 2023. If we plant more than that, we won’t be mad!

What Good Does Planting Trees Do?

Trees help our air, water, biodiversity thrive. But, we're not the experts, you can learn more here: