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Elk Rapids GC

Laid Back Nine

Lakeside 9

Elk Rapids GC is the kind of course that makes you want to keep playing until the daylight fades.

By Noah Jurik

Elk Rapids GC is the kind of course that makes you want to keep playing until the daylight fades. The club is about as low-key and unassuming as it gets, but that first glimpse of Elk Lake sets the tone for a round of golf that you won't soon forget.

Only 9 holes?

Despite only having 9 holes, its variety is boundless, strategy is timeless, and views never become dull (how could they?). Even at 99 years old, subtle challenges present themselves on every hole and new complexities are revealed with each loop you take. Like a fine bottle of wine, it just keeps getting better with age.

Lakeside Breeze

The gentle lake breeze and laid back vibes give you that links-side feeling, all from the heart of Northern Michigan. It’s impossible to have a bad time at ERGC, even if you find yourself in the tall, flowing native grass (#GoldenGrass).

Built for Those Long Summer Days

The sounds of lake life ring across the course. The clanging of the bell near the fourth green fills your ears every so often, never seeming to sound at the wrong time. This place is pure Michigan.

Audience of Boats

On Summer days, there’s almost always an audience of boaters (that rivals the 16th at The Waste Management Open) as you play along the water. That 4-footer just got a little more intimidating.

The only thing that will cross your mind as you walk up the final hole is,
“Do I have time for another loop?”

North Coast


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